The World's Toughest Row ... done!


An Evening With Henry Cheape: The Fastest Scot to Row the Atlantic Solo

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Join Henry at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews – in conversation with esteemed journalist and author, Magnus Linklater – as they talk about his record-breaking challenge that attracted intrigued ‘dot watchers’ from around the world.

The evening will include a Q&A: audience members are encouraged to submit questions for Henry ahead of the event.

Henry started the World’s Toughest Row – launching on the morning of Wednesday 13th December from La Gomera.

On 31 January 2024 and exactly 49 days 12 hours and 11 minutes (7 weeks) after leaving the Canary Islands, Henry – who had not previously rowed before signing up to this monumental challenge in March 2023 – conquered the Atlantic to become the fastest Scottish solo rower, reaching Antigua and officially completing the World’s Toughest Row.

You can read more via the News section on the website via this link.

Credit: World’s Toughest Row

We shared content on a near daily basis throughout Henry’s seven weeks at sea – as well as before his departure. It generated a fantastic following from people sharing their love, encouragement and support. The majority of content was shared on Facebook & Instagram. You can click on the links below to discover more.

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Henry is raising funds and awareness for three charities that are very close to his heart: you can read more on these via this link.

If you are able, you can donate by clicking on the image below. Thank you.

"The first question I am asked is, "Have you rowed before?" When I say 'never', the looks I receive only go to remind me that I am taking on a physical, mental and psychological challenge like no other." Henry Cheape, May 2023

One man. One boat. One ocean.

Henry - the rower

Henry has signed up for this challenge as ‘one up from a marathon’ and is doing so to scratch an itch, as well as raising money and awareness for three charities. It’ll be a test of mental, psychological and physical endurance: crossing 3,000 miles of Atlantic in an open top rowing boat.

Polly Anne - the boat

PollyAnne is a R25 rowing boat. She was the winning boat in the 2022 Atlantic race. With an onboard watermaker, solar systems, space to store 80 days of food and a small cabin to sleep in, she’ll be Henry’s home for as long as it takes to paddle his way west.

3,000 miles ... east to west

On December 12th 2023, Henry and Polly Anne will set out from San Sebastian De La Gomera with 3,000 miles of open Atlantic ahead of them.

sustainability: our future ...

This challenge is all about highlighting the importance of sustainability … from the food we grow and eat on our farms to the education of others to help and empower them to live sustainable lives.

The three charities being supported by this row are all delivering transformational change in their different worlds: Global Canopy, Sustain and the Nomad Foundation Fund.

Our Core sponsors

Our sponsors

We are hugely grateful to our official sponsors listed above who have decided to back us from the outset – enabling the #PollyAnne23 project to launch.

Their generosity and support has helped to cover our initial costs associated with taking on this extraordinary challenge.

In addition to our sponsors is a growing list of supporters who are helping in so many ways.

We would like to thank them all for their advice, services and support.

A number of these are producers who rose to Henry’s challenge to help him find locally, regeneratively-farmed wholesome food that will help him power Polly Anne on his 3,000 mile solo row.